Youth League

The Raleigh Area Public Safety Racing League (RAPS) is a two division arrive and drive indoor kart racing league.  

The Youth Division is for kids ages 8 to 14 and consists of a championship racing season (October through March) and a training off season (April through September).  

The Adult Division consists of periodic endurance races for team of Public Safety personnel from Wake County and the surrounding areas.

The Raleigh Area Public Safety Racing League is a non-profit corporation dedicated to:

- The development of interagency working relationships among public safety professionals
- The development of youth programs and mentorships centered around motorsports
- Formal introductions of youth to organized motorsports

RAPS aims to develop instinctive driving behaviors at an early age, which we hope will translate into better prepared teenage drivers. Along with the car handling skills developed in the RAPS youth racing league, we strive to develop good sportsmanship,, increased awareness of child and teen safety issues, and a better understanding of the motorsports industry.


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